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Food & Beverage

Western food is available in all major hotels and most of the big restaurants in important cities. But local dishes are normally more exotic. Curries of many kinds abound, cooked with proper spices and hot curry powders including Korma, Rezala, Bhoona and Masala Gosht, Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Fish and Prawns, Chicken Afgani, Chicken Baghdadi, Chicken Kasmiri, Chicken Tikka, Boti Kabab, Shutli Kabab and a variety of fish curries should be tried. Rice and mutton or chicken and khichuri are available in any reasonable restaurant. Those who do not care for rice dishes can try Mughlai parata, plain parata or non, which go very well with curries. Seafood and sweet-water fish are available in most of the towns. Fish-lovers should not miss smoked hilsa, fresh bhetki and chingri (lobster/king prawns) malaikari, prawn dopyza. In Dhaka a number of good restaurant provide local and western food.


Chai-the milky sweet tea available almost everywhere. Lassi-the refreshing yoghurt drink, Green coconut water is a fine, and safe and refreshing drink. International soft drink, such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fanta, 7-up, Mirinda, Sun Creast and Sprite are readily available. Hard drinks are available in big hotels and selected restaurants. On Fridays drinking in public areas is not recommended for foreigners.


Misti Dhohi-sweetened youghurt, Halua-a common desert ranging from egg halua to carrot, sooji or wheat cream, almond, pistachio, nuts and so on. Sandesh-milk based dessert, one of the best available Zorda-sweetened rice with nuts. Firni-rice flour cooked in milk, sugar and flavoring. Rasgolla and Kalojam-two popular milk based desserts and made with sugar, flour and ghee. Rosmalai-round sweets floating in thick milk. Pitha-a blanket term for ckes or pastries including specific varieties such as Chitoi, Dhupi, Takti, Andosha, Puli, Bhafa and Pua.


Mangoes, Litchis, Bananas, Papayas, Jackfruits, Watermelon, Pineapple, Coconut and Oranges.

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