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Bangladesh - country profile and related important information

Country name :
Conventional long form: People's Republic of Bangladesh
Conventional short form: Bangladesh

Data code : BG

Government type : Republic

Constitution :
4 November 1972, effective 16 December 1972, suspended following coup of 24 March 1982, restored 10 November 1986, amended many times

Legal system : Based on English common law

Suffrage : 18 years of age; universal

Executive branch :
Chief of state: President
Head of government: The Elected Prime Minister
Cabinet: Cabinet selected by the prime minister and appointed by the president

Legislative branch :
National Parliament or Jatiyo Sangshad (330 seats; 300 elected by popular vote from single territorial constituencies, 30 seats reserved for women; members serve five-year terms)

Judicial branch :
Supreme Court, the Chief Justices and other judges are appointed by the president

Main Political parties :
- Awami League or AL Leader: Sheikh Hasina Wajed
- Bangladesh Nationalist Party or BNP Leader: Khaleda Zia
- Jatiyo Party Leader: Hussain Mohammad Ershad

Courtesy & source : and district portals

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